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Q.    How long are the sessions?

A.    The sessions are 1 hour long and most children will attend once a week.


Q.    What is the ratio of children to tutors?

A.     The maximum ratio of children to tutors in our regular group sessions is 5 to 1.  Children work on their own programmes as independently as possible to enable them to develop study skills (for GCSEs, pupils follow programmes of study linked to GCSE exams).  This ratio enables tutors to effectively encourage and support children in what we like to call "guided independent learning".  For individual tuition sessions at pupils' homes and at the centre the ratio is 1 to 1.


Q.    How much does it cost to study with Maldon Tuition?

A.    Session fees are:  Small group - £32, individual tuition at our centre - £43.  For discounts for attending more than 1 session per week and/or siblings attending the same session, see our "Join/Assessment" page.


Q.    In some months won't there be more tuition sessions than others?

A.    Yes there will be.  Direct debits will only be charged for the number of sessions scheduled (i.e. following Essex schools' term times - see below).


Q.    How will I pay my child’s fees?

A.    Fees are paid by monthly direct debit on the 1st of each month.


Q.    Is Maldon Tuition Centre open throughout the year?

A.    Yes. Our regular weekly sessions take place during term time only (see below) as we understand many parents take holidays with their children during school holidays.  Summer schools and other activities are arranged during school holidays as an additional option for those that wish to attend.


Q.   Does Maldon Tuition provide tuition at pupils' homes?

A.   All tuition at the moment is provided at our centre in Maldon High Street.


Q.    What if my child is unable to attend a tutoring session due to illness or being on holiday?

A.    If a pupil is unable to attend, payment is still required.


Q.   Will we be tied into a long-term contract?

A    No.  You may cancel your child’s tutoring sessions at anytime by providing at least 1 full calendar month's written notice (see "Terms of Agreement" on our "Join/Assessment" page for details).


Q.   Does Maldon Tuition have vacancies for tutors?

A.   Opportunities sometimes become available. Tutors can teach from one session a week upwards depending on the needs of the teacher and the demand at the centre.  Some flexibility is therefore advantageous.  Pay is competitive and negotiable, depending on experience, qualifications and the number of pupils being taught.  If you feel you have the skills we require please make initial contact via email or the contact form, briefly outlining the subjects and key stages you can teach and the days/times you might be interested in tutoring.




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