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Maldon Tuition


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Fees and forms

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The standard fee for tuition at our centre is £28 per session and is paid by monthly direct debit. There is also a one-off registration fee of £29. The registration fee can be paid online by clicking HERE


Additional siblings attending the same session are charged the discounted fee of £22.  A 3rd sibling attending the same session is charged £16.


See our "Term dates & sessions" page for details of the number of sessions in each month.


For those requiring tuition at home, one to one tuition at the centre, or 11+ test specific tuition, please refer to the details at the bottom of this page. The registration fee applies to all new pupils.

Click the Direct Debit link below to authorise secure direct debit payments to Maldon Tuition through our GoCardless account.

Session fees for tuition at home and/or one to one tuition

One to one tuition at home:                                 £44 per session

An additional sibling joining the same session:      £22


One to one tuition at our centre:                          £39

An additional sibling joining the same session:      £22


11+ Tuition


Our regular group tuition sessions are perfectly suitable for most 11+ pupils, particularly if the test is some way off.  If you feel more intensive support is required, there's not long before the test or you would simply prefer 1 to 1 11+ tuition for up to 2 hours then this can also be booked.  Additionally, if your child has friends also preparing for the test, private sessions can be booked for small groups at reduced rates.  The fees for this are below:


1 pupil:        1 hour,  £39;        1 1/2 hours,     £58;        2 hours,    £70


2 pupils:       1 hour,  £62;        1 1/2 hours,     £92;        2 hours,   £120


3 pupils:       1 hour,   £81;       1 1/2 hours,    £123;       2 hours,   £150


4 pupils:       1 hour,   £92;       1 1/2 hours,    £148;       2 hours,   £164